Courses and lectures for companies

– diversity, reach and entirety

Motivation and coaching of yourself and others

Success – what drives success

Mindfulness, resetting and meditation

Mental training, awareness training, focus and vision

Intuition – growth and training of intuition/gut feeling

Stress, stress management and general mastering

We offer tailor-made courses, lectures and retreats.

All the courses can be combined and is adapted in regard to time, method and angle, and can be held both in Norway and elsewhere.

Courses can be held as a series, step by step or singular – with or without follow-ups, as e.g. individual consultations, group therapy, eLearning or mentoring/coaching over the phone.
Many clients feels that follow-ups contributes to a more lasting result.

The point is that courses are suppose to ‘hit’ and do something with you, and not be remembered as just another happening. That is why we emphasize on flexibility and evocation, creating contact, active participation and reflection.

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