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Here you will find information about upcoming courses where everyone is welcomed to sign up!

  • System constellation in combination with the wheel of medicine
  • Consecutively courses in stress management, self-development, meditation, shamanism and more.
  • Drop-in meditation groups
  • Group therapy

Group therapy

Are you interested in participating in group therapy – or might know someone who are?

Why and how

Because it is a sincere, true and genuine natural way of togetherness, a way of sharing your life, increase the understanding of yourself, self-worth and the general insight.

It is meaningful coming together in a unity of openness and confidentiality, where there is space to share thoughts, feelings, challenges, joys, and what one is concerned about, and whatever you are ready for.

You will receive input and valuable feedback and see how other people handles similar problems.

To open up to other people is redemptive, good and healing.

Practical information


Group therapy are held in small groups with 6 people in each group. The day of the week and place depends on how many people sign up, where and when it suits best, in the Oslo area.

The meetings are held every two weeks. Usually clients participate 8 times. Mondays or Wednesdays in the evening.
Duration of the meetings are usually 2 hours.
Price: NOK 1 900, – for 8 meetings.

Are you interested in participating in group therapy – or might know someone who are?

Course in stress management, mental trailing and mindfulness

The course is held several times a year.

Stress management: during stress we find ourselves in a condition of survival that cuts the connection with opportunities of the moment, alternatives and power to control ourselves.
You will learn to recognize when it happens, what triggers it, and use new tools and thought patterns that will help you master the situation as well as yourself.

Mental training: is about discover and take charge of your own thoughts and thought patterns, and to get yourself out of the ‘pit’, dead ends, limitations and your inner saboteur, that again affects your emotions. We change every thought, conviction, faith and thought pattern to something more fertile.

Mindfulness: helps you reset, to get a better clarity and presence. The central part in mindfulness is presence and full attention to what is happening here and now with all your senses open. It is also well known as an exercise for concentration. Simple techniques that helps you prevent certain things from happening and that can be use whenever necessary.

Time and date: consecutively course, duration 2, 4 or 7 hours.
Location: Bekkestua, or elsewhere in Norway.
Price: depends on location and duration
Registration: to Liv Wassum,, phone number +47 99 62 55 46

Meditation groups with focus on self-healing

Welcome to our drop-in meditation course spring 2017 in “healing meditation”!

You decide how many times you want to participate.

This fits everyone, regardless if you are experienced or a beginner.

Meditation is brilliant regarding retrieving your balance and clarity. Over these courses you will learn different meditational techniques that enable you to take charge of your own quiet room, how to achieve calmness and presence easier, revitalize yourself, and improve your general health – and also experience the diversity and creativity all of us are in possession of, and establish a closer connection with your own power center.

Time and date: Every two weeks from 6pm to 8pm
Location: Interflow Liv Wassum, Bærumsveien 207, 2th floor, 1357 Bekkestua (two minutes away from the closest train, bus and tram stops).
Price: NOK 3 000, – per class

Sign up by calling number +47 99 62 55 46

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