Therapy and types of treatment

Therapy and types of treatment
We offer several types of treatment, often in combination with each other, to achieve the best result possible.


Career coaching, health coaching, personal coaching and phone

Stress management

Knowledge, awareness, treatment, exercise, help-to-self-help

System alignment

Revealing how people and/or elements are in relation to each other, and how to deal with it.

Kinesiology and polarity therapy

Comprehensive wholesome therapy treatments that locates the cause, coherence and the «right medicine».

NLP and hypnosis

Ways to work with thought models and patterns, both mentally and everything in between. “It´s just in your own head!”

Energy work, healing, shamanism, theta method

By working directly with our natural inherent life force we can create results that are revolutionary.

For you as an individual …

When you stagnate, meet challenges or get out of balance you might experience coming to a point where you lack contact, overview and energy to do anything about the current situation, you are best served asking for help to deal with it.


A consultation can consist of

Conversation, mental training, awareness, processing, coaching, mentoring (advice and guidance), relaxation, stress discharge, hypnotherapy, healing, theta healing, reading, emotional liberation or body therapy/energy work.
Everything will occur in a safe environment and in a tempo that suits you.


Underlying causes

Beneath a physical, mental, emotional and/or existential problem we often find a ‘cause’ that could be e.g. negative stress, unfortunate patters, trauma, pain, control, fear, energy and mental blockages – that prevents progress, clarity and focus. Often these are the main causes of problems.

To achieve the best result possible, it is an advantage to identify and clarify what lies ‘beneath and underneath’.

When you let go of this you will experience coherences and consequences more clearly, and enable a renewed vitality, creativity, happiness and health.

After the session

After the session most people tell me about an experience of feeling light and clear. Tensions, pain and stress is reduced or ceased. Even if some of the therapy happens on a deeper consciousness level, it is important that you are a part of the process and experience what options and choices you have. More importantly than trying to explain it, it is important that you experience it.


Tailored to the single individual

Because people are different and at the same time complex, it is a massive advantage to have several techniques at disposal. You then also have a better opportunity to contribute wherever in the process you find yourself. We as people also respond differently. Some people respond to mental techniques, while others don’t. The next time it could also be that you have to work through physical corrections, and another time we might need to focus more on awareness.

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