Organization & business

Startup, restructuring, change processes, downsizing, recruitment, absence, stress, conflicts …?


Sometimes you need aid from the outside to see that larger picture, pattern, coherences, norms, culture, and to map how people and elements interact with each other – to then draw new lines, encourage dialogs, increased prosperity, define wanted culture, norms and goals, and get a boost in the right direction.

Business culture

When you need a common understanding, dialog and development of new norms and values to reach the goal of the organization. Cultures is what lies between humans, what we think we are, how we do things, interact, symbols and repeating patterns, and to what extent we are happy with it. Sometimes it is simple steps that is needed to create a big change.

Organizational development

It is about involving all the people in your organization to pull in the same direction. Development can happen on many levels, as well as simultaneously. That is why it is important to define where and how to begin, and where you want to go. Development can be about the single individual and its personal development, development of skills and leadership, to groups, departments, bigger projects, processes, structures, competence, management of stress, decision making and more.


Result-oriented aid for those of you who want to advance!

  • We will help and complete research, identification, enlighten, and measures to encourage dialog,
  • Offer courses, speeches, team projects and individual conversations.

  • Facilitating, design and aid you during the process underway, both through problem solving and experience-based development.

  • Facilitating meetings and dialog where you are open to creativity, engagement and willingness to take responsibility.

  • We will help you with stress and conflict management.

  • Evaluate and help you with counselling, mentoring, coaching underway and afterwards.


25 years of experience in dynamics and process work on both group and individual level, extensive education from different traditions, analytics, solution oriented, clear, precognitive, dedicated and generous! Mainly small and medium corporations.

Experience from e.g. startups in Silicon Valley, USA.

Good references!

Courses, speeches, retreats for organizations

We offer tailor-made courses, speeches, and retreats for organizations.

All courses can be combined and adapted in regard to time and angle.

Courses can be held as a series, ad-on, singular – with or without a follow-up, e.g. individual consultations, group chat, eLearning, or mentoring/coaching over the phone.

A lot of people think a follow-up ensures and contributes to a more lasting result.
The points is that courses/speeches is about touching you and to something to you, and not just to be remembered as another happening!

    1. Communication – diversity, reach and entirety
    2. Motivation and coaching of yourself and others
    3. Success – what drives success
    4. Mindfulness, resetting and meditation
    5. Mental training, consciousness training, focus and vision
    6. Intuition – growth and training of intuition/gut feeling
    7. Stress, stress management and general mastering
    8. A combination of the named courses

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