A retreat is a closing, a start and a reset, where you put aside the daily stress and worries in order to seize the now and your own true nature.



A retreat is about put aside your daily stress, thoughts and problems by seizing the now and your own power center – in silence, presence and connection with your true self.

Retreats has its own alchemy where one seeks pure essence and the power field of everything, and let go of everything insignificant.

The goal is to achieve a reset / mental detox, that brings you in a closer connection with your true nature and your being, potential and the life spark itself.

On a retreat you can be together with others in silence and other times alone. We seek the natures methods around and in us, and experience what mirror nature reflects on ourselves. We also do relaxation and different methods of meditation and attention training / mindfulness.

And it can also be activities, release work, processing, awareness training and system constellations.

This is to ‘let go’ and open for mastering deeper layers in yourself, at the same time feels enriching and gives you new knowledge as well as new experiences.

A retreat gives a new a start and makes you a more wholesome person.

We arrange retreats several places in Norway and outside of Norway, with different durations.

1-day retreats outside are also very popular – regardless if you are alone, with a group or colleagues.

Referanse fra retreat i Sverige:

Anbefales på det varmeste! 
Laidback retreat med deling av gode verktøy til egen-oppdagelse, selvbevissthet, stillhet, og ikke minst deilig mat på et herlig sted med kunnskapsrike Liv.

Hege Tørtberg

Referanser fra “Energy Spa – mindfulness, sound, meditation” i samarbeid med musiker og komponist Tal Coleman:

Fantastisk kombinasjon. Veldig merkbar forandring.

Fantastic combination of the 2 of you. It truly is a journey. Thank you from the heart.

Deilig, spennende, morsomt, hyggelig, avslappende, seriøst, lærerikt og bevegende.

Berit Rustand

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