Liv Wassum

Therapist, coach, mentor, healer, stress management expert, business developer, course and event speaker

Vårt indre liv er avgjørende for hvordan vi har det.



Business developer, business culture, interaction, system constellation, startup, recruitment, restructuring, change process


Life guidance, natural therapy, system constellation, couple therapy, spiritual guidance, healing, shamanism


Psychological strenght training, communication, reset, stress management, meditation, system constellation, shamanism, power and integrity.


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About Interflow

More than 20 years of experience with groups, companies, individuals and couples.

We also cooperate with others regarding therapy, events and travelling and more.

Interflow works in a field that constantly changes, and we feel responsible to stay updated, and to integrate new serious methods and theories in the same pace as the development.
Complexity, system, diversity and potential can be found in both individuals and larger organizations, which means a combination of structure, intuition, perspective, system and natural therapy, is pivotal to the work we do.

In cooperation we will look at the larger picture, and seek coherence, causes and what is ‘your medicine’, and the correct way moving forward.


Liv´s opinion is very important to me as she is very thoughtful, always considering the big picture as well as my personality and what would be best for me.

As we started to work I was skeptical in the beginning, we are always resistant to change, but Liv has a magical way of approaching every person. 

If I had to describe Liv in shortly – she is the one who definitely sees something that is unseen, her coaching skills are amazing and if you trust her she will get you where you are going.

I would love to work with her over and over again. Natia Veru

Vice president, Kudos Classroom at Kudos & Co Inc., Silicon Valley, USA

Liv Wassum is a knowledgeable and competent therapist who opens doors for me to a larger recognition of myself. She masters insight and skills in rich development methods I seek to integrate into my professional work. Jon Frang Mostad

Senior Partner

Calm, pleasant and forthcoming personality who maneuvered in and out of script without any problem whatsoever.

Managed to engage everyone and moved everyone in a wonderful way.

Must be experienced! A lady who knows what she is talking about S. Arset

Manager, Ålesund styrernettverk

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