Liv Wassum

coach, mentor, course and event speaker

More than 20 years’ experience as a therapist, coach, mentor and more.
Because it is the result that matters, we use methods from both traditional and untraditional courses within health, growth and development, often in combination with each other.

Liv Wassum

In order to offer the best possible concept we use the best traditional and untraditional courses within health, growth and development.

Because it is the result that matters!
Since 1994 she has been giving courses, speaking at events, offering retreats, and had her own practice as a therapist, coach and mentor.

In the corperative market she has had several projects regarding business development, personal development, organizational behavior, interaction, communication and system constellations in both Norway and Sillicon Valley, California.

Liv has written several articles and has previously answered Q&A’s regarding coaching, personal development and complimentary medicine for Woman24 and She was also connected to Aftenpostens lifestyle panel as a stress management expert for years.

Versatile experience from media; online chat about stress management, been interview in newspapers, TV and radio.

She has previously been the owner of the Karl Johan Clinic in Oslo, as well as Livshuset.

She is also a artist – for more information visit


Communication and PR

Hypnosis therapist and NLP

System constellation


Coaching, personal development and communication

Polarity therapist

Energy work and consciousness training

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